Personal Development Plan 

Cornerstones Personal Development Plan pdf download

Links to individual sections of the Personal Development Plan are posted here.

Cornerstones Program Operations Manuals

Cornerstones Chairman Guide – this guide was written based on “Cornerstones 1.0” guidelines, and has not yet been updated, but still has plenty of good information about facilitating Cornerstones

GatesofSamos Alumni Advisor Guide – for alumni advisors that use

GatesofSamos Student User Guide – for undergraduate members that use

Cornerstones Start of Semester Form – use to plan Cornerstones activities

Cornerstones Monthly Report – use to report monthly activity related to Cornerstones

Cornerstones End of Semester Report – use to report the past semester’s Cornerstones activities

Mentor-Mentee Weekly Form – use to keep the dialogue on track between mentor & mentee

Cornerstones Alumni Advisor Guide

The following documents are designed to empower alumni members to understand and begin to participate in the Cornerstones Program.  There are 3 versions of this document included below (and they are also available on this page:  The “long version” has the most content.  The “short version” and the “1 page summary” are simply shortened versions of the material in the “long version”, meaning that if you review the “long version”, you will see the same information that is included in the two shorter versions.

Brotherhood Building Activities –

These activities were sourced and adapted from the NIC (North-American Interfraternity Conference) “The Best of Brotherhood Building Guide”, which is available in entirety for purchase at for $30.

Brotherhood Building Activity examples (pdf)

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