Kansas State

Chapter Spotlight: Kansas State Chapter, January 2012

The following is the summary of a conversation between Patrick McGovern, Director of Membership Development at Acacia Fraternity International Headquarters, and Brandon Brunner, outgoing Venerable Dean of the Kansas State Chapter.  If you would like for your chapter to be considered for a Chapter Spotlight, send Acacia Headquarters a recommendation here, or email at Cornerstones@acacia.org .

PM: Brandon, the Kansas State Chapter  is one of our leading chapters in membership education and development.  Tell me about some of the ways your chapter stays focused.

BB: One of the most unique benefits of being an Acacian is demonstrated by asking “what have you done to become a better person lately?”  While there are some who might flinch at a question like that, we believe that the Acacian discusses their recent development endeavors with ease.  Also, Acacians will take time out of their day to assist others in their development – that’s important to us.

PM: So what has your chapter been up to lately?

BB: We did a ropes course early in the fall semester, which was a great brotherhood event. During our November 9th chapter, we hosted K-State’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications for a talk on effective marketing techniques.  This lecture was part of our weekly lecture series that brings in credentialed speakers to discuss relevant issues.  We’ve also hosted several prominent university professors, including the wife of an Award-of-Merit-winning alumni Acacian. 

PM: We teach during pledgeship that a pledges number one priority is their academics.  Your chapter  has ranked #1 in chapter GPA at Kansas State University 3 of the last 4 semesters.  This past fall semester your chapter (which includes 55 pledges & active members) achieved approximately a 3.3 GPA.  Tell me how your chapter stays consistently atop the gpa rankings at K-State.

BB: As finals week approaches, our scholarship chairman organizes a “finals blitz.”  First, we host an open forum for new members to ask questions about finals..  Next, the pledge dads leads the new members to re-evaluate their start-of-semester goals, determine their target for finals, and set a study schedule. Finally, we’ll host a study party, where the chapter orders pizza and digs into whatever subject is at hand.  Studying together keeps us accountable and motivates us all to perform our best.

PM: Thanks for your time and insight Brandon!

BB: Thanks for asking, we’re excited to hear the innovations that our international brothers have had success with! Email me at bbrunner@ksu.edu or check out our chapter website at  kstateacacia.org .


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