Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Cornerstones?

A development program that starts in pledgeship, continues into active and alumni membership.

Watch this 3 – minute video for an overview of the program:

Cornerstones Elevator Speech:

What is Cornerstones 2.0?

Read this post.

Or watch these 3 videos (all 5 minutes in length)

Part 1 – “What & Why?”

Part 2 – “Who, Where, & How?”

Part 3 – “How continued & Summary”

Who participates?

Pledges, actives, alumni members, alumni advisors; educational speakers / presenters; mentors outside of Acacia.

Why would I participate? 

  • to gain the most meaningful membership experience possible
  • to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead
  • to attract the highest quality members

How could I participate? 

All you need to do is complete the Cornerstones PDP Summer 2011 for yourself, as related to your current values and goals, then go out & take action.  Reset new goals when:

    • you achieve the goals you set
    • the previous goals you set get boring
    • the previous goals you set are not relevant anymore

The Cornerstones PDP Summer 2011 includes the following exercises:

    • Values Clarification
    • Creating a Mission Statement or Life Purpose Statement
    • Strengths Identification
    • Goal Setting
    • The Corporate Athlete Training System template

The Corporate Athlete Training System is used with permission of the Human Performance Institute (www.hpinstitute.com)

When would I participate? 

During pledgeship, during active membership, and during alumni membership.

As an alumnus, you could:

    • spend about 1 hour per month corresponding with an undergraduate, or
    • visit the chapter to deliver an educational presentation or speech

Where could I participate? 

Everywhere.  At the chapter house.  On paper in your Cornerstones Personal Development Plan(Cornerstones PDP Summer 2011).  Online on your ACACIAconnect dashboard.  In the world, wherever you may lead yourself in pursuit of your goals.

Ok, I basically understand the program – what do I do now? 

Complete the Cornerstones PDP Summer 2011, set goals & take action in the direction of those goals.

For more specifics, make sure that you have the Three Pillars of Cornerstones completed or achieved in your life at all times.

Need some inspiration – read one of the books on the Get Wisdom Book List.  Read the book.  Do the proposed exercises & reflection.  Take action based on what you learn.

Still need some ideas to get your chapter going?  Take a look at this list of ways to Jumpstart Cornerstones at Your Chapter.

Is this simplified framework going to answer all possible questions or concerns regarding Cornerstones?

NO – since we are working on one of the most difficult & complex fields of human endeavor – human motivation – this new framework will not be the end-all, be-all for your chapter.  However, it will make the program more accessible, more simple to get started, and hopefully more manageable amidst all of the other competing interests in your life.

Is this more-focused framework going to get the members of my chapter to participate?

MAYBE – again, this new framework is focused on the member defining relevant, current goals that are personally meaningful to him.  If a member of your chapter doesn’t have any goals, or objectives, or “things he wants to do, be, or have in his life” – then you should probably be seriously considering why your chapter recruited, pledged & initiated him.

Is the Personal Development Plan template all that I need to do to be “participating in Cornerstones”?  YES & NO –

YES – in that if you complete this document, you will be fully prepared to embark on a journey to achieve your goals, and all you really need to do is re-visit & re-write your Values, Mission, Goals, etc. whenever any of that changes for you.

NO – in that you still have to take action to achieve your goals, reflect upon your progress, & re-set goals when their are either achieved or become boring to you.

Other questions or feedback?

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