About Cornerstones

The Cornerstones program is Acacia Fraternity’s member development program.  It represents our philosophy of preparing tomorrow’s leaders, pursuing lifelong learning, and exemplifying our motto of human service.

Although the fraternity does maintain a core set of values including virtue, knowledge, truth, leadership, and service, the program does not prescribe a value system for individual members, as this is an individual journey.

Cornerstones provides a foundation upon which to build habits of life learning by blending traditional classroom learning with other experiences, including forming a professional network, completing a high ropes course with a team of brothers, or simply studying with a group of brothers that are all chemical engineers.

It is an individualized development plan that is meant to evolve and change as the individual grows.

Simply stated Cornerstones is about “Getting Better at Stuff You Care About”.

We expect all Acacia undergraduates to participate throughout their undergraduate experience.

Our undergraduates gain skills and knowledge through activity, including:

    • educational presentations or discussions on a variety of topics (career preparation, time management, study skills, communication, teamwork, personal finance, etc.)
    • clarification of one’s personal values & beliefs, strengths, & goals
    • relationship with an alumni Acacian either from the same chapter or who works in the members professional area of focus

Current Members list these benefits of the program:

    • Learn from an Acacian in your own field
    • Help with keys skills like resumes, interviews, budgets, and many other traits
    • Create a bond with an Alumni that will be forever lasting
    • Create connections with possible future employeers
    • Gain skills and knowledge that matches your interest

Alumni Members mention the following benefits of involvement :

    •  Be a mentor for tomorrows leaders
    • A meaningful way for you to pass along knowledge & experience
    • Keep you active within your home (or nearest) chapter
    • Support your chapter with your time & talent instead of your pocket book

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